What most surprised you about Beaurepaires once you joined?

“How friendly everyone is and how easy to get along with everyone. Makes work good to come to every day”.


Can you share one of your achievements or successes at Goodyear? What did it take to reach this goal?

“I was promoted to a manager role after a year. I was just taking on extra responsibility and grabbed the opportunity with both hands and adapted to it”.

- Nathan, Assistant Manager

What is the best part of your job?  

The network of people in Beaurpepaires – Family culture. If I am having a bad day I can reach out to my leadership. I had a really big chat with my leader – He made a plan for my development. 


What advice would you give to new associates in your role?

Don’t be afraid to challenge how we can do things differently. The company will always listen and there is flexibility to trial new things.

- Chris, Store Manager

What makes you stay and continue working with Beaurepaires? 

"Leaders care and take the time to speak to me and show me my worth. When times get hard don’t be afraid to ask for help or talk to someone".


If you are involved in the Goodyear Women's Network, what is one way that you have benefitted from participating?

"It has been good for networking with other like-minded women from across the organisation".

- Carla, Store Manager

What made you decide to join Beaurepaires?

“I was at an age didn’t know what I wanted to do.  I was speaking to a family friend and he worked for Goodyear.   He said they were looking for people with a good attitude and no experience”.


What surprised you about working for Beaurepaires?

"Went for a visit to the store first - I was skeptical at the time because it was tyre but it has been really exciting journey so far using new innovation and working with great people".

- Joachim, Talent Acquisition Consultant