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23 Jun 2015  Written By: Beaurepaires

Australia's Best Cars is one of the most trusted, comprehensive and well known car testing and awards programs in Australia. Find out more from Beaurepaires.

Choosing a new car, whether it’s your very first vehicle or an addition to your current fleet, is not a decision that should be made lightly. But with the wide range of car models, types and brands available these days, it can be stressful and time-consuming trying to nail down the right choice for your needs and lifestyle. A new car is a big investment, however, so it’s important to conduct all the research required to find the ideal option. Remember, just because it’s pretty doesn’t always mean it’s practical!

To help you with your decision, here at Beaurepaires we’ve discussed three main car types to help you narrow down your search. Our observations are complemented by some great car recommendations courtesy of the 2014 results of Australia’s Best Cars, a renowned national vehicle awards program that literally puts the pedal to the metal each year to nominate some of the best cars on the market. Their expert car testing and analysis will hopefully enable you to make some well-informed choices when it comes to your next vehicle.

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Micro, Small and Light Cars

There are numerous benefits to owning a smaller car. Not only do they take up less space on the road and in your garage, they also tend to consume less fuel, which makes them more environmentally friendly and cost effective. They’re also lighter to drive and steer, which makes more of a difference than you might think, and many modern brands have found ways to expand the interior space of their smaller cars without compromising exterior size.

If you think a micro, small or light car would be most suitable for your lifestyle, the 2014 winners of Australia’s Best Cars offer plenty of options for you to consider. The top cars in these categories (with small cars divided into those over and under $35,000) boasted strong on-road performances with outstanding fuel economy and stylish compact exteriors to boot. The four winners hailed from Mitsubishi, Renault, Volkswagen, and Audi respectively.

Medium Cars

If you’re after something a little roomier, a medium-sized hatchback or sedan with a bigger trunk is a good choice for couples and small families. These vehicles often have various handy features that allow for added storage (such as foldable seats) or extra doors which make them easier to get passengers in and out – perfect if you frequently need to transport small groups of people around. Look for something that’s comfortable for day-to-day driving but can also handle longer trips with ease, and is well-equipped with reliable safety features.

The medium cars that ranked most impressively in 2014, according to Australia’s Best Cars, were the Skoda Octavia 103TSI Ambition Plus and the Mercedes-Benz C Class C 200, as well as other models from Mazda, Toyota, BMW, and Lexus.

Large and Family Cars

When it comes to family cars, sedans, SUVs and wagons are all popular options. Australia’s Best Cars looked at a number of vehicles suitable for larger groups of passengers, highlighting ride comfort, safety inventory and clever interior design as particularly important features. With a large vehicle, traction control and stability on the road is imperative, and adjustable seating and storage options and good fuel economy certainly don’t hurt either.

There were many champions in the 2014 round of judging, which showed a good mix of international cars brands. These included some superb AWD and 2WD SUVs from Subaru, Volkswagen and Nissan, as well as larger models from Holden, Hyundai and Citroën.

Whatever car you eventually decide upon, hopefully the winners from the judging panel of Australia’s Best Cars have given you some solid ideas. You can see the full list of 2014 winners here.

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Just remember that buying a new vehicle isn’t the end of the story! Keep your shiny new investment well maintained and serviced by dropping it into your local Beaurepaires for regular check-ups. This will ensure that at the end of the day, you’re getting the most bang for your buck, wherever you choose to spend it.