Tips and advice on car tyre safety

02 Feb 2015  Written By: Beaurepaires

Tyres are one of the most important aspects of your car, and they need to be properly maintained. Look after your tyres with these tips from Beaurepaires.

If you’re a car owner, you’ve probably figured out that staying safe on the roads is about more than just abiding by the road rules. Ensuring that your vehicle is well-maintained and road-ready is just as important.

From purchasing new car tyres to checking up on them regularly and getting them regularly serviced, there are a number of ways in which you can improve the safety and functionality of your car. Some of these tyre tips may appear obvious, but it’s always helpful to be reminded of them. Remember that when it comes to road safety, you can never be too careful!

How to choose new tyres

It’s now easier than ever to choose new tyres for your vehicle. If your current ones have worn down and need to be replaced, all you need to do is check a few key places in your car for the tyre placard that features the relevant information – it’s usually inside the driver’s door, inside your globe box or under the sun visor. This handy placard will tell you everything you need to know about the right tyres to purchase, including the air pressure, load capacity and speed rating, as well as specifying ideal wheel and tyre matches.

Apart from ticking all these boxes, you’ll also need to consider a few other factors when purchasing new tyres. How often do you drive? On what terrain and in what conditions? Do you regularly transport heavy loads in your vehicle? These answers will help you to narrow down which tyres will be best suited to your car and your driving style. You might require a particularly durable tyre, for example, or one with increased longevity or improved grip, so talk to the manufacturer if you suspect this might be the case.

Tyre care and maintenance

Tyres are one of the most important aspects of your vehicle, and they need to be in good condition to properly support you on the roads. This is why you need to make sure that you’re conducting the following tyre check-ups regularly.

  • Tyre pressure should be checked on once a month
  • Tyres should be rotated approximately every 10,000km
  • Wheel and balance alignments should be performed annually

Don’t forget to manually check up on your tyres every few weeks to remove any stones or small objects that may have become embedded, and to keep an eye out for any unexpected wear and tear.

Driving tips

It’s probably not the kind of thing that often comes to mind, but the way in which you drive every day does impact the life and functionality of your tyres. Being a patient driver is always a good principle – this will help you to drive at a steady pace and avoid engaging in any abrupt or excessive braking or acceleration, which can increase the wear on your tyres. Also, be sure to always park your vehicle carefully, as any collisions with the kerb can impact the health of your tyres.

If you have any further questions about tyre care and maintenance, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local Beaurepaires team. Being diligent about keeping your car tyres serviced and maintained, and performing the odd check yourself for uneven wear or other irregularities, means that you’ll be well on your way to ensuring a smooth and safe drive every time.