4WD Batteries

Need batteries for your 4WD or Light commercial vehicle? Beaurepaires can help you out with their expansive range of Exide Batteries. If you’re looking for long lasting and hard wearing batteries that can deliver great power to help drive you further, you’ve come to the right place. Ask us about our 4WD batteries today!


Exide’s Premium 4x4 range is perfect for specialist 4x4 users who are looking to get more out of their vehicles. Exide Premium features a great range of maintenance free, maintainable and AGM non-spillable battery products that can not only supply reliable starting power, but can also handle the pressure of limited additional electrical accessory loads, thanks to this battery’s light cycling capability. These batteries also come with an amazing 30 month nationwide warranty when registered!


The Exide Heavy Duty 4x4 and Light commercial range are made to meet genuine OEM specification or better for most of today’s 4x4 & Light Commercial vehicles. They are powerful, long lasting battery that offers great value. Available in maintenance free and maintainable varieties, these batteries are perfect for everyday 4x4 & Light Commercial applications, and come with a national 24 month nationwide warranty when registered to give you great peace of mind.


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