Is your car ready to take on a summer road trip? In this blog post, Beaurepaires highlights the importance of pre-road trip car repairs and maintenance.

Say goodbye to long coats and woolly scarves and hello to swimsuits and sunscreen. Summer is well and truly here, and Australians all over the country will doubtless be planning road trips or weekend getaways to make the most of the warm weather. If you’re thinking of doing the same over the next couple of months, don’t forget the importance of checking over your vehicle before you set off on your great adventure. Take some time out from organising your road trip itinerary and accommodation to factor in any necessary car maintenance and repairs, and you’re guaranteed to have a much smoother, safer and more enjoyable journey.

Here at Beaurepaires, we’ve put together a handy list of last minute car check-ups for you to tick off your to-do list before your summer road trip.


You’ll definitely be putting your car tyres through their paces on a road trip, so it’s crucial to ensure that they’re properly prepped for the journey ahead of them.

Check the air pressure of your tyres, and if required, refer to your car manual to refresh yourself on the maximum pressure, which must not be exceeded.

Ensure that you inspect the tread on your tyres, and invest in new ones if they’re too worn down. Otherwise your tyres could overheat mid-drive and cause a serious blowout, leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere – definitely not ideal on a road trip.

Don’t forget about your spare tyre! Make sure that it’s in good condition, so if you do happen to end up needing a replacement you know you have a solid back up.


As you probably already know, different fluids need to be adequately topped up under the hood to ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape. And if you’re going to check one, it’s a good idea to check them all, just in case.

Your engine oil should be your first port of call, followed by your engine coolant. If you’re due for a top up, as per the recommendations in your car manufacturer manual, make sure you do so with high quality engine oil and the right type of coolant for your vehicle.

Don’t forget about your transmission fluid, brake fluid and power-steering fluid as well. If you need assistance with any of these fluid refills, feel free to drop into your local Beaurepaires.


Is your car battery more than four years old? If so, you might want to consider replacing it before your road trip. Otherwise, a quick visual check of your battery should suffice. Look out for any signs of corrosion on the battery terminals, and if you spot any leaks or cracks, it’s advisable to get your battery replaced. Better safe than sorry!


Perform a cursory check on your vehicle accessory belt, just to make sure it hasn’t torn or frayed. For your own peace of mind, consider bringing along a replacement set of belts just in case any problems arise on the road.

Lights and wiper blades

As important as it is to top up all your fluids and make sure your battery’s in good condition, don’t forget about the other aspects of your vehicle too! Test all the lights and make sure your wiper blades are working properly.

Road trips full of board games, bad jokes, friends and family, corny songs and lots of laughter always make for amazing holidays with great memories. Road trips riddled with car breakdowns, on the other hand, are not quite so enjoyable!

By conducting a few routine check-ups on your vehicle, you’ll be able to prevent the majority of car-related problems from occurring. Consult your manufacturer’s manual for more information, and remember that you can always reach out to the friendly team at Beaurepaires for expert guidance.