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On Sale

EDGE - Gunmetal M-Face | 16x7 | PCD 5/114.3 | Offset36 - $179.00

Finish: Gun Metal/Mach-Face

Edge is a classic 5-spoke wheel design that suits vehicles of all types, including utes & trailers and is available in 15x6.5" and 16x7" sizes.

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CSA - Calibre Black M-Face

Finish: Black M-Face

Calibre is available in 20" size only and is finished in a brilliant gloss black with machined face finish.

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CSA - Monster Small Cap Black M-Face

Finish: Black M-Face

Monster is available in 16x7" and 16x8" sizes to suit a large range of Australian off-road 4x4, 4x2 and SUV vehicles.

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CSA - Stampede Anth Mach

Finish: Anth Mach

Stampede is a stylish 5 spoke SUV wheel available in 15x7", 16x7" and 16x8 in many fitments.

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CHICANE - Gunmetal M-Face | 17x7.5 | PCD 5/108-114.3 | Offset45 - $219.00

Finish: Gunmetal M-Face

Chicane is a stunning new 10 spoke wheel in sizes 17x7.5", 18x8", 18x9", 19x8" & 19x9" sizes.

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CSA - Granite Small Cap Satin Black M-Face

Finish: Satin Black M-Face

Granite has a Satin Black finish with machined spoke and rim edge highlights available in sizes 16x8", 17x8", 18x8" and 20x9".

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CSA - Raptor Large Cap Milled Face

Finish: Milled Face

Raptor is load rated to 1150 kg in 16x8" size and an impressive 1250 kgs in 17", 18" and 20" sizes.

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