Free Puncture Repair

A punctured tyre - one of those annoying things that always happens at the most inconvenient time.
Getting your punctured tyre repaired is one thing, but then having to pay for it is just the icing on a sour cake.
However, Beaurepaires is excited to offer all drivers FREE Puncture Repairs* on all passenger and SUV/4WD tyres.
It’s important to be aware that not all punctures can be repaired, however, if it is repairable we will do it for free. How good is that?!

So next time a pesky nail lodges itself into your tyre, be sure to head to one of our 230 Beaurepaires stores nationwide

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When a punctured tyre can and cannot be repaired

Free Tyre Repair


  • Punctures up to 6mm that occur in the tread area

Unrepairable (tyre needs to be replaced)

  • Punctures to the sidewall (including damage to the bead area).
  • Cuts to the tread area.
  • Punctures that are larger than 6mm.
  • Punctures to unroadworthy tyres.
  • Punctures to tyres that have been driven on while underinflated.

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*For full terms and conditions please click here.