Retread Truck Tyres

Why retread?

Fleets get greater value from their tyre investments through our retreading concept. Premium retread tyres can deliver performance levels comparable to new tyres, at a lower cost while reducing our ecological footprint and promotinglong-term sustainability. Goodyear tyre cases are engineered to be retreaded.

Goodyear retreads bring with it:

  • Leading edge compound technology
  • Internationally developed process excellence
  • The latest in proven tread patterns
  • Choosing to retread makes a positive contribution to the environment

Cost of retreads v new tyres

Cost efficiency

Reducing our carbon footprint through retreading

  • Less GHG – production of a retreaded tyres result in -34% less emissions (compared to a new tyre production)
  • Less raw materials producing a retread tyre consumes 2/3 less oil than producing a new tyre and up to 20 kgs less steel is used
  • It takes 85 litres of oil to make one truck tyre
  • It only takes 26 litres of oil to retread a good truck casing
  • Less chemicals used
  • Less casings to be disposed

Precure retread process


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