A family car tyre that feels like a sports performance tyre.
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The Dunlop SP SPORT 300E is a family car tyre whilst maintaining its high performance low profile feel. It’s a passenger tyre that delivers on fuel efficiency, braking and handling. The SP Sport 300E features a silica tread compound, joint less band construction and reduces rolling resistance – it is also endorsed by a number of car manufacturers and motorsport legends.

What Tread Compound Can I Find In These Tyres?

Passenger tyre manufacturers are always on the lookout for better tread compounds, especially tread compounds that can reduce the rolling resistance of your vehicle. One of these innovative materials is silica, which is a key compound in the Dunlop SP SPORT 300E passenger tyres. This seriously reduces the rolling resistance of your vehicle, by doing so; you will use less fuel and be able to take advantage of better fuel economy.

What Can You Tell Me About The Band Construction?

SP SPORT 300E passenger tyres have a jointless band construction, this technology implements cord-density engineering techniques to provide better linear steering and more feedback.

An additional advantage to jointless band construction is better stability, even when driving at high speeds. This technology also improves the stiffness of the tyre, which means it holds its shape and maximises your driving comfort.

Why Should I Choose Dunlop?

When you choose Dunlop, you can be certain you are getting high quality. Dunlop is constantly innovating and one of the leaders in new technologies and materials.

At Beaurepaires we offer leading tyre brands. All the tyre brands on our website have a proven track record and provide you with the latest in tyre technology.

Customers who would like to compare passenger tyres from different brands can head over to our catalogue and have a look at all the passenger tyres we have on offer. Every driver has unique needs and preferences, we aim to provide you with plenty of diversity so you can find the tyres that suit you the best.

Why Should I Go For the SP SPORT 300E?

There are many benefits connected to the SP SPORT 300E, some of which we already mentioned. The biggest benefit for most consumers is the fact that the SP SPORT 300E passenger tyres provide improved fuel economy due to the reduced rolling resistance.

The SP SPORT 300E passenger tyres also have the potential of seriously increasing your driving comfort. These tyres will give you superior braking, cornering and handling abilities, even in wet weather conditions!

The final reason you should opt for these passenger tyres is the fact that many recognised car manufacturers and even motor sport legends endorse these tyres. Car giant Toyota is just one of the many endorsers, so you can be sure of its quality and durability.

Where Can I Obtain More Information on the SP SPORT 300E?

Would you like to know more about the SP SPORT 300E or do you have a specific question? Feel free to contact the Beaurepaires customer store by calling 13 23 81. You can also drop by at your local Beaurepaires and we will be more than happy to help you out!

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