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Best Seller
Wrangler AT/SA
Wrangler AT/SA
Wrangler AT/SA


4X4 SUV / All-Terrain
  • Durability (toughness)

  • Handling Performance

  • Low Noise

Great on-road but tough enough to allow you to enjoy a range of off-road conditions

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  • $16.00

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  • Product Information

    4x4 Tyres that stick to the road, even when you don't!

    The Wrangler AT/SA delivers impressive on-road handling and ride comfort, wet grip and stability, whilst providing added sidewall puncture resistance and strength for when you venture off the road. A tyre you can rely on in all conditions.

    What Makes WRANGLER AT/SA All-Terrain Tyres Strong Yet Silent?

    The answer lies in the combination of Silent Armour Technology and DuPont™ Kevlar®, which were used to create these innovative WRANGLER AT/SA all-terrain tyres.

    Dupont™ Kevlar® is exclusive to Goodyear and is a material that is also used in some of the best bulletproof vests. It makes the tyre extremely tough.

    In addition to the toughness, Goodyear also wanted to make sure that the tyre was as quiet as it was durable and this is where optimised pitch sequence came in. The optimised pitch sequence technology ensures optimal noise reduction, which provides the consumer with a more comfortable and quieter ride. However, the Silent Armour Technology also contributes to the noise reduction, since the material also absorbs road noise!

    How Do These WRANGLER AT/SA Tyres Handle?

    WRANGLER AT/SA tyres handle excellently and all thanks to the rigid shoulder blocks you will find on the tyres. As you may already know, rigid shoulder blocks improve on road traction, but also improve the handling of your vehicle. In short, when you choose WRANGLER AT/SA tyres, you do not only get durable and strong tyres, but also tyres with superb handling abilities.

    What Is The Load Index Of WRANGLER AT/SA Tyres?

    The load index of WRANGLER AT/SA tyres are considerably high. Given their strength, these all-terrain tyres can take a lot. Even though the load index can vary according to the size, the general loading index is quite high across all tyre sizes. Generally speaking, we can say that the load index of WRANGLER AT/SA tyres lies between 104 and 116. Converting these loading indexes into kilograms, it means that WRANGLER AT/SA tyres can handle a load between 900 and 1250 kilograms.

    To see the exact speed and load indexes of your WRANGLER AT/SA tyres, please refer to our size table.

    Need Advice On WRANGLER AT/SA Tyres?

    Do you require some additional advice on WRANGLER AT/SA tyres before you decide to buy them? Feel free to drop by at your local Beaurepaires store!

    Customers who do not have the time to visit our store can always call us as well. Simply call the general customer support line at 1800 809 514 or the local Beaurepaires store at 13 23 81. For question or requests outside office hours, please fill in the enquiry form on our contact us page.

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