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The Goodyear Durasport features advanced technology to ensure a smooth, comfortable and efficient drive every time. Its solid shoulder ribs and spiral overlay construction contribute to a quick steering response and better support for handling, especially when carrying heavy loads. The directional tread and traction zone of the Durasport ensures a strong wet weather performance, as it expertly diverts water away from the tyre and enhances traction on wet roads. Meanwhile, the Durasport’s Aqua Traction Technology can actually deliver an incredible water evacuation capacity of 22 litres per second, further improving the tyre’s performance in light or heavy rain.

For van or light truck drivers searching for a tyre that excels in both wet and dry conditions, the Goodyear Durasport is a highly recommended choice.

Why Buy My DURASPORT Tyres From Beaurepaires?

Much like DURASPORT tyres, Beaurepaires offers you the total picture. With Beaurepaires, you will not have to worry about the additional costs of fitting, wheel balancing or valve replacement, because all these things are included in the price of your new tyres. Beaurepaires will also get rid of your old tyres for you, so you will not have to worry about a thing when you purchase your tyres from us.

We also need to mention that Beaurepaires offers excellent commercial services to business clients. When you head over to our main menu, you will notice a commercial page that displays all our commercial services, this goes from retreading to fuel efficiency. By hiring the services of Beaurepaires, you can reduce the downtime of your fleet, save operating costs and a lot more.

Individuals interested in DURASPORT tyres can also benefit from many free services. When you are a Beaurepaires customer, you can come in for a free tyre health check. During this free tyre health check, our experts will measure the tread depth of your tyres and the tyre pressure, ensuring that your tyres are providing you with the performance they were designed for. Our free tyre health check service also includes a battery check, where we can evaluate the lifespan of your battery by using a battery analyser.

The services mentioned above are just a few of the services you can take advantage of when you purchase your DURASPORT tyres from us, however, there are more tyres to discover. Be sure to head over to our services pages and discover all we can offer you!

Want to know more about DURASPORT tyres? Or would you like to book a fitting with Beaurepaires? Do not hesitate to give your local store a call at 13-23-81. For more information about commercial services, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team at 13-23-81.

Product Warranty information is available from our General Terms and Conditions of Trade.

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