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  • Product Information

    4x4 Tyres that stick to the road, even when you don't!

    Excellent traction grip on every surface, reduced aquaplaning, top braking efficiency, and the highest resistance to damage, while providing easy comfortable driving on normal roads. Tread pattern: symmetrical tread design delivers the all-terrain versatility needed with an appealing look and a low noise level.

    What Should I Take into Account When Searching for 4x4 Tyres?

    Before you purchase new 4x4 tyres, it is essential to have a look at your driving style. Driving style can affect the longevity and the usefulness of your tyres. For example, a standard 4x4 tyre will be less suitable for a 4x4 used for commercial purposes. In these cases, it is often better to use a tyre with extra mileage or fuel saving properties.

    In general, we can place 4x4 tyres in different categories. Good examples of such categories are fuel saver, handling, mileage and durability. Depending on your driving style, you will find that your ideal tyre will fall in one or two of these categories.

    To determine your driving style, it can be a good idea to look at the locations you drive frequently. For example, do you find yourself driving in off-road conditions, on-road conditions or both? Based on your answer, you can choose between on-road, off-road and all-terrain 4x4 tyres.

    Choosing the Right Price Range?

    As you may know, the right price does not only mean the purchase price of the tyre, since there are other things to take into account. In addition to the purchase price, customers should also consider the longevity of the tyre, any present fuel saving properties and the estimated mileage of the tyre. Based on all these denominators, customers can find the most affordable 4x4 tyres.

    Choosing the Right Brand?

    Beaurepaires provides various 4x4 tyre brands to customers, this to guarantee a large range of 4x4 tyres with different properties. The best tyre is often not found by filtering on brand alone, so it is essential to incorporate your driving style when you search for the most suitable tyre for your 4x4.

    On Beaurepaires, you will come across 4x4 tyre brands such as Dunlop, Goodyear and Hifly. Each of these brands have very specific technologies, which are implemented on the tyre. The technologies can also have different purposes, for example increasing driving comfort, reducing road noise, extra durability and so much more.

    When you look at the product description of a 4x4 tyre on Beaurepaires, you can find all the information you need to know, which also includes any technologies the tyre has. You will also see some of the key features of the tyre, which makes it a little easier to decide if that specific tyre is right for you.

    Customers looking for the best tyre for their vehicle can also look at the customer reviews that have been placed on Beaurepaires. Based on the reviews, customers could discover some additional features the tyre has. We encourage all customers to place a review of their 4x4 tyres on Beaurepaires, considering it may help another customer to determine the best tyre for their 4x4.

    When it comes to choosing new tyres for your vehicle, look no further than Pirelli. This prestigious tyre brand was founded in 1872 by Giovanni Battista Pirelli and is one of the oldest and most prestigious tyre companies in the world. Pirelli is renowned for its manyproduct innovations over the last century, including the revolutionary Cinturato radial tyre, as well as its prominent role in Formula 1 racing in more recent years. Pirelli tyres are now sold in over 150 countries, and the brand’s rich history and legacy in the automotive industry continues to live on through its exceptional tyre products. Beaurepaires stocks a number of Pirelli tyres for passenger vehicles, designed to provide exceptional ride comfort, fuel efficiency and safety without sacrificing performance. If you have any questions about Pirelli tyres, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your nearest Beaurepaires store.
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    Scorpion ATR review

    Had these on my Jeep Grand Cherokee for 3 yrs; done 60K - still heaps of tread in centre but lost the grooves on all shoulders. Good wearing and quiet, but not great in the wet or mud.

    By CRD 13 May 2016 5 of 4 people found this helpful.

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    These scorpions have the bite of a gummy bear

    Great on road but just don't cut it off road. One trip on a rocky dusty road and they looked like they had survived a meteor shower - just. They shouldn't be called all terrain tires, they should be called road tires. In dust or dirt the treads fill and start spinning. Zero traction. Hope this helps other punters considering a purchase.

    By Lachlan 13 March 2016 5 of 4 people found this helpful.

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    pirrelis scorpians

    Had pirrellis on the prado for a long time good in sand quiet on the road , good mileage got 60k out of them with rotationms at ten intervals

    By five hats 9 February 2016 5 of 4 people found this helpful.

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