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Commercial Tyres - Light Truck Retreads

Buying new tyres for a light truck can be quite costly. Fortunately, there is an additional option available that can save you a considerable amount of money and ensure that your light truck tyres are still within the legal limit. This concept is called retreading. For more information about our retreading services, please read our information below.

What Is Retreading?

Retreading can be described as a re-manufacturing process for used tyres. When the tread of a tyre starts to show signs of wear, the tread of the tyre can be replaced. The method itself can save up to 90% of the materials used in existing tyres and reduces the material cost by 20%. In short, retreading is not only good for the environment, it is also quite cost-effective.

What Kind of Retreading Processes Exist?

In general, retreading can be done in three different ways – pre cure retreading, mould cure retreading or bead to bead moulding.

Pre cure retreading is a process where a prepared tread strip is added to the tyre casing, this is usually done with an additional material such as cement. Pre cure retreading is the type of retreading that can be applied to a variety of tyre sizes, mainly due to the fact that the process itself is quite flexible.

Another option is mould cure retreading, where a certain amount of raw rubber is added to the tyre casing, instead of a prepared tread strip. Once the raw rubber has been applied, the tyre will be placed in a specific mould for that particular tyre. Mould cure retreading is not as common as pre cure retreading, since this method is a little less flexible where tyre size is concerned. A different mould is needed for each tyre size and tyre pattern, which makes this method a lot costlier than the pre cure retreading process.

The last retreading method used for light truck tyres is bead to bead moulding. Bead to bead moulding basically refers to the side walls of the light truck tyres, which also receive retreading during this process. Retreaded tyres that have been done with the bead to bead moulding will be given an entire new brand and stamp, which makes them a little bit easier to recognise.

Can I Benefit from Retreading for My Light Truck?

On this page, customers can find retreading options for various light trucks. By taking advantage of retreading for your light truck tyres, you will reduce your carbon footprint and save a considerable amount of money.

First of all, retreading ensures less GHG, which translates into a 34% reduction in emissions. A retreaded light truck tyre also uses less raw materials, given the fact that less oil and steel are needed to create the tyre you are after. Retreading tyres also leads to less disposal of existing casings, which helps the environment greatly.

Customers interested in retreading or additional tyre services from Beaurepaires can contact the Beaurepaires team or have a look at our services page. In addition to retreading, customers can find other useful information there, which includes our commercial services, free tyre health check services and tyre maintenance services.