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Goodyear Commercial Tyres - Truck Retread

Retreading a truck tyre is a great way to save money and enjoy your existing tyres longer. By using retreading from Beaurepaires, you also save the world’s resources and take care of the environment. To find out more about tyre retreading for a truck tyre, please read our information below.

What Is the Retreading of a Truck Tyre?

The retreading of truck tyres is a process where a new tread is applied to the casings of worn tyres. It is estimated that the retreading process can save up to 90% of the materials in worn tyres and reduce the total material cost by a whopping 20%. This is a considerable difference, especially when you compare the cost of retreaded tyres with the cost of manufacturing entirely new tyres.

Is a Retreaded Truck Tyre Safe?

A retreaded truck tyre is completely safe and fully complies with the Australian standards for truck tyres. Retreading has come a very long way and the process is now used frequently by businesses and individuals all over the country.

In order to execute retreading, Beaurepaires uses highly sophisticated machinery and ensures that the retreaded tyre meets all the Australian standards and requirements. When you come to Beaurepaires for your truck tyre retreading, we can also guarantee the quality and performance of your retreaded tyre, so do not hesitate to benefit from this process when you get the chance.

How Does Retreading Save Me Money?

New truck tyres need a lot of raw resources and man hours; this is why a new set of tyres can cost a considerable amount of money. However, a retreaded tyre only needs a limited amount of raw materials and does not take long to make, which means that retreading will cost a lot less money than obtaining new tyres all together.

Customers should also consider that the majority of tyre manufacturers create each of their tyres with the expectation they are going to be retreaded at one point. This is why many businesses tend to choose retreading instead of purchasing new tyres, since the retreaded version of the tyre in question is just as safe as a new one, but saves them a lot of money in the process.

Why Is Retreading Good for the Environment?

Retreading can be seen as a form of tyre recycling, hence why many people refer to tyre retreading as an environmentally friendly solution. By disposing an old tyre, you would be throwing away valuable resources that can be reused. This is why most people tend to reuse and retread their tyres for as long as possible.

Another interesting fact about a retreaded truck tyre is the fact that is saves approximately 68 litres of oil. To make a new truck tyre, the manufacturer would need 68 additional litres of oil in order to create the new tyre. By retreading your truck tyre instead of buying a new one, you immediately contribute to the environment by saving one of the world’s most valuable resources – oil.

Does Beaurepaires Retread Other Tyres?

Retreading can be executed on a number of tyres. For more information, or to discover additional options, please visit our retreading pages. Cannot find a certain retreading option? Feel free to contact Beaurepaires or visit us in the store for more info.