Choosing the right tyre for your 4x4 SUV is an important decision as it impacts your vehicle's performance, handling, safety, and overall driving experience. The type of driving that you’ll be doing will form part of your decision on which tyre will suit your 4X4 SUV.   

Highway: If you’re mostly driving on the road, your tyre of choice is a Highway Terrain tyre.  Highway Terrains have a strong focus on a comfortable and quiet drive, along with good road handling both in dry and wet conditions.  

All Terrain: If you plan on mixing on-road and off-road driving, then you’ll need a tyre that provides 'All Terrain' traction and durability, a mix between a daily driver and a weekend explorer.  All Terrain tyres are suited to cater for your ‘everyday’ driver needs and, are durable enough to overcome off-road conditions. 

Off Road: If you're a 4x4 enthusiast seeking off-road adventures, then a dedicated off-road tyre is for you. Off-road tyres are capable of handling different terrains such as Mud, Gravel, Rock and Snow. They provide durability, strength and traction whilst driving through challenging and uneven surfaces.  

Ultimately, choosing the right SUV 4x4 tyre will depend on your specific driving needs and preferences. Visit your local Beaurepaires store or call us on 13 23 81 where we have the best brands and great deals!