Puncture Repairs

Don’t replace it. Repair it. Save money and extend the life of your tyres with a Beaurepaires Puncture Repair. 

Punctures in your tyre should be fixed immediately. Even a small hole can lead to a dangerous blowout at high speeds. But not all damage requires a complete tyre replacement. Punctures can safely be repaired by a qualified Beaurepaires technician to get you back on the road fast.

How does a Beaurepaires Puncture Repair work?

  1. Drop in to your nearest Beaurepaires store
  2. Our qualified technicians will remove the tyre from the wheel to assess the damage and determine if the tyre needs to be repaired or replaced
  3. If the damaged tyre can be repaired safely, we’ll mend the puncture, refit the tyre and balance your wheels

When can a tyre be repaired?

A tyre is repairable if:

  • It has been punctured by a small object, such as a nail or screw
  • The puncture is less than 5mm in diameter
  • The puncture is in a central portion of the tread
  • Your technician has confirmed it can be repaired safely

When can a tyre not be repaired?

It’s not always safe to repair a damaged tyre. That’s why it’s important to always have a qualified technician assess the damage. Tyres need to be fully removed from the wheel for a thorough inspection.

Some types and brands of tyres can’t be repaired at all and will need to be replaced immediately if they’re punctured.

Damage that can’t be repaired includes:

  • Deep punctures larger than 55mm
  • Punctures in or circular wear on the tyre’s sidewall
  • Internal damage to the tyre, such as deformed bead wire, separation of internal layers, or creasing of the interior lining
  • Deterioration of the tyre due to grease or corrosives
  • Cracking of the rubber due to ageing

How to avoid punctures

While fixable, tyre punctures are a hassle and can be dangerous. To avoid getting one in the first place:

  • Avoid debris on the road
  • Check your tyres (including your spare tyre) and remove any small stones, glass and other sharp objects
  • Make sure your tyres are properly inflated

Beaurepaires Road Hazard Warranty

Accidents happen. That’s why we offer a Road Hazard Warranty that covers tyre repairs and punctures. Find out more.


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