Wheel Balancing

Extend the life of your tyres with a Beaurepaires wheel balance.

Wheels out of balance? It could be accelerating the wear of your tyres, shock absorbers and steering components.

A Beaurepaires wheel balance involves redistributing the weight around the tyre, increasing not only the life of your tyres, but also the performance and safety of your vehicle.

Our expert technicians measure the weight of your wheels and attach counterweights to balance out any uneven spots, ensuring a smoother ride and better performance.

Do you need your wheels balanced?

While you may have never heard of wheel balancing, it’s a seriously important service to keep your vehicle safe.

We recommend having your wheels balanced every time you buy new tyres. Signs you need to balance your wheels include:

  • A vibration in your steering wheel or seat, especially at high speeds
  • Unusually noisy tyres
  • Excessive wear on the tread of your tyres

What’s the difference between a wheel alignment and wheel balancing?

While both are concerned with the proper performance and safety of your wheels and tyres, the two services are very different.

A wheel alignment ensures your wheels are sitting perpendicular to the road by measuring and adjusting their angle. A wheel balancing, on the other hand, ensures that the weight of your wheel is correctly balanced to ensure one area is not heavier than another.

Misaligned wheels may cause your vehicle to pull to one side, while unbalanced wheels may cause your car to shake. Pro tip: if your steering wheel is shaking, this indicates unbalanced front wheels. If it’s your seat, it’ll be your rear wheels.

Still not sure? Our expert team will advise you on the exact service your vehicle needs to perform at its best.

How much does it cost to get your wheels balanced?

The cost of a wheel alignment and wheel balance will vary according to the requirements of your vehicle. Get in touch with the Beaurepaires team for a quote.


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