Wheel Alignment

Extend the life of your tyres with a Beaurepaires wheel alignment.

If your vehicle is pulling to one side or you’re steering wheel vibrates, you could have an issue with your wheel alignment. Misaligned wheels not only cause problems with your vehicle’s handling and performance, but can also reduce the life of your tyres.

Wheel alignments involve measuring, analysing and adjusting your vehicle's steering and suspension angles, and are essential if you want to get the best performance out of your tyres. 

Book in with a certified Beaurepaires technician for fast and affordable wheel alignment. 

Our services include:

  • Standard Two-wheel Alignment
  • Thrust Alignment
  • Four-wheel Alignment

Call us today on 13 23 81 to book.

Do you need a wheel alignment?

We recommend a wheel alignment twice a year to maximise the life of your tyres. Other reasons to book in for a wheel alignment include:

  • Your steering wheel is off-centre when driving on straight roads
  • Your car pulls to one side or another
  • You’ve had an encounter with a nasty pothole or kerb (this can throw off the suspension)
  • Your steering wheel vibrates (this could also be an issue with your wheel balance)
  • You’re replacing your tyres

How much does it cost to get an alignment?

The cost of a wheel alignment will vary according to the requirements of your vehicle. Get in touch with the Beaurepaires team on 13 23 81 for a quote.


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