Direzza DZ102
Direzza DZ102
Direzza DZ102
Direzza DZ102


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An aggressively styled sports performance tyre that is guaranteed to deliver, but won't br Read More

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  • Product Information

    The DIREZZA DZ102 gives a balance between performance and style which delivers superior grip and braking ability. The DZ102 is a sports performance tyre providing the driver with higher responsiveness in dry and wet conditions, lower noise and an excellent ride. The tyre has a silica compound to assist in reducing rolling resistance which leads to improved fuel economy.

    Why Is Handling better with DIREZZA DZ102 Sports Performance Tyres?

    The improved handling comes down to the tread design of the DIREZZA DZ102. The tread design will not only improve handling when you are driving, but also reduce the chances of irregular tyre wear.

    In addition to better handling, the tread design also ensures that your ride is a lot more comfortable and it reduces the rolling resistance of the vehicle and can therefore provide you with better fuel economy.

    DIREZZA DZ102 tyres also have an enhanced trim, which contributes to your driving experience. The enhanced trim gives you more control in all types of weather conditions and more anti-hydroplaning abilities.

    Are There More Technologies Used In These Tyres?

    There sure are. The first one is the Jointless Band Technology, a technology that is actually quite commonly used in Dunlop passenger tyres. The Jointless Band Technology is mainly beneficial for people who often drive on highways, the Jointless Band Technology is designed to maintain the tyre’s performance at highway speeds.

    Long-lasting performance is also guaranteed with these particular passenger tyres. Dunlop has implemented deep lateral cuts and shoulder grooves, so that both appearance and performance are maximised for a long period of time.

    These tyres were also created with super abrasion carbon and silica compounds, which helps prevent irregular wear, but also reduces the noise level coming from your tyres.

    Are These Passenger Tyres Suitable For My Vehicle?

    To answer this question, we recommend going to our tyre search tool. On this tool you can enter the information of your vehicle and it will give you a list of tyres that were made with your vehicle in mind.

    What about the Load and Speed Indexes?

    For more information on the load and speed index of DIREZZA DZ102 passenger tyres, we gladly refer you to our tyre size table. A link to the tyre size table can be found in the product description. In the table you will find all available sizes for the DIREZZA DZ102 tyres, but also their respective load index, speed index and overall diameter. Please note that the load index, speed index and overall diameter may vary according to the size of the DIREZZA DZ102 tyres.

    In general, the load index of DIREZZA DZ102 tyres lies between 82 and 100, which means these tyres can handle 475 to 800 kilogram depending on the size of the tyre. The same goes for the speed index, which can vary from V to W, indicating a speed of 240 to 270 kilometres per hour.

    How Do I Obtain More Information On DIREZZA DZ102 Tyres?

    For more information on DIREZZA DZ102 tyres, simply fill in the enquiry form on the contact page. Customers can also call the Beaurepaires customer service line at 1800 809 514. Alternatively, they can also contact their local Beaurepaires store by calling 13 23 81.

    When you have some spare time, and would not mind some face-to-face advice, do not hesitate to drop by at your local Beaurepaires store!

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    Outstanding tire until I drove in the rain

    Make no mistake that these are a great tire in dry conditions but, in the wet they are truly a disaster. I'm not sure what kind of driving the first reviewer does but, he must be going snail pace in wet to claim they are great under those conditions.

    I've been driving on them for about 10,000km and I've had enough of complete contrast in performance when conditions change. My advice is stay away, you'll thank me for it later.

    I'm putting Goodyear Asymmetric II's on this weekend and am actually a little excited about driving my car again knowing that the tires I'm putting on won some accolades across many testing pillars.

    By Andy 25 January 2016 5 of 4 people found this helpful.

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    Amazing grip but below average wear, noisy

    This tyre has amazing grip both dry and wet, but tread longevity is poor - probably a trade of the soft material for grip. Tread already 80% gone after 35,000 km, actual cost is therefore almost twice that of more durable tyres. Noise level also needs some getting used to.

    By Joe 30 November 2015 5 of 4 people found this helpful.

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    Direzza DZ102

    These are great tyres in the dry. They just do not let go. Reverse in the wet - scary. If you only drive in the dry get these.

    By GJ 22 November 2015 5 of 4 people found this helpful.

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    These tyres sound like 4WD tyres when driving at low speeds

    By David 24 October 2015 5 of 4 people found this helpful.

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