An all-season SUV tyre, specifically tuned to deliver outstanding on-road performance.
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4x4 Tyres that stick to the road, even when you don't!


Strategically designed to handle a variety of road conditions, the Dunlop Grandtrek ST30 comprises versatile features that guarantee exceptional performance all year round. This original equipment SUV tyre delivers premium riding comfort with its asymmetric tread pattern and circumferential tread grooves. Not only do these qualities ensure a smooth ride, but they also enhance the tyre’s traction in wet conditions by efficiently clearing away water from the footprint.

The Grandtrek ST30 also features jointless band technology, which helps the tyre to retain its shape and improves its overall longevity while still enabling optimal performance at high speeds. Last but not least, the multi-pitch tread design of the Dunlop Grandtrek ST30 reduces noise, ensuring a quiet and comfortable journey every time.

Any Additional Services That Come With These Tyres?

Anyone who buys a pair of GRANDTREK ST30 tyres from Beaurepaires can take advantage of additional services. First of all, when you purchase these tyres, Beaurepaires will take care of the balancing and fitting without extra charge. Common services such as fitting your new tyres and balancing them out are all included in the price of the GRANDTREK ST30 tyres.

Customers can also obtain additional services when they have bought on road tyres from Beaurepaires. All Beaurepaires customers can get a free tyre health check at any of our local stores, which prevents premature wear to your tyres. Simply drop by at one of our local stores to take advantage of this free tyre health check.

When our staff executes a free tyre health check, they will measure the tread depth of your existing tyres and also check the pressure so that your tyres will not start to wear before their time. In addition to that, our staff will also check the battery of your vehicle. Thanks to our battery analyser, we are able to determine the charge rate of your battery and its life expectancy.

Of course, there are some additional services that can be obtained at Beaurepaires for a small fee. Beaurepaires is also able to balance or align your GRANDTREK ST30 tyres, also meant to prevent premature wear on your tyres but also increase your driving comfort.

When your steering wheel is starting to vibrate, or your steering wheel is no longer straight, then we can recommend bringing your vehicle in for wheel balancing or wheel alignment.

Last but not least, you can also bring your vehicle with GRANDTREK ST30 tyres in after a period of time for tyre maintenance. When you have obtained our maintenance

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