Designed for outstanding treadlife for a wide range of vans and utes.
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The Cargo Marathon 2 is Goodyear’s flagship light truck tyre and is suitable for a wide variety of vans and utes. Designed for outstanding tread life to provide a lower cost of ownership, the Cargo Marathon 2 represents the latest in tyre technology. This leading tyre will deliver superb traction in the wet, enhanced durability to protect against curb-side damage, as well as being designed for a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride.

How do these tyres generate such outstanding treadlife?

The Cargo Marathon 2 incorporates a new advanced long wearing compound that delivers outstanding mileage for light commercial vehicles.

In addition, the even weight distribution ensures that your tread will not start to wear prematurely or unevenly. This contributes directly to the extended lifespan for your tyres.

How Do These Light Truck Tyres Provide Superior Traction and Handling?

The superior traction and handling of these light truck tyres is enhanced by a silica compound that allows improved contact with the road to help assist in superior wet braking.

The tread pattern also contribute to high aquaplaning resistance, with the ability to quickly shed water when you are driving on a wet road, which takes away the aquaplaning risk.

In short, with Cargo Marathon 2 tyres, you will be handling slippery surfaces without much difficulty.

What about the Noise of Cargo Marathon Tyres?

The tread design of Cargo Marathon tyres are not only meant to provide you with superior traction and handling, but they are also made to reduce the noise levels while driving.

Cargo Marathon tyres have a tread design that is especially designed to reduce noise frequency peaks and this is definitely noticeable once you have driven with Cargo Marathon tyres on your vehicle.

Are There More Benefits For Cargo Marathon Tyres?

Cargo Marathon tyres are recognised and endorsed by leading car manufacturers, this includes Volkswagen, Fiat, Renault and Mercedes-Benz.

Goodyear’s Cargo Marathon tyres also have a good fuel consumption thanks to the silica compound in the tyres. By reducing the rolling resistance of your tyre with silica compound, you will find yourself saving a lot of money on fuel compared to your old tyres.

Where Can I Get Cargo Marathon Tyres Fitted?

Goodyear’s Cargo Marathon tyres can be fitted right here at Beaurepaires. At Beaurepaires, we aim to provide you the best possible service, this also includes the fitting of your tyres.

Customers who have purchased their Cargo Marathon tyres from Beaurepaires, do not have to pay anything to get their tyres fitted. All fittings are included in the price of your tyres.

On top of that, Beaurepaires customers can also get a free valve replacement and we will also take care of your old tyres for you. Tyre removal at Beaurepaires is environmentally friendly, so you will have nothing to worry about. Just enjoy your new tyres and your drive home!

Can I Contact You For Additional Advice?

Do you need additional information relating to our Cargo Marathon tyres? Or do you want to request a fitting, balancing or wheel alignment? Feel free to call your local Beaurepaires store at 13 23 81.

For general enquiries, customers can call our customer service department at 13 23 81 or leave us a message by filling in the enquiry form on the contact us page.

Product Warranty information is available from our General Terms and Conditions of Trade.

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